Twilight Imaging


This is where the magic happens. Modern day cameras, while incredibly capable, still cannot capture the dynamic range of the human eye. I’m sure you’ve experienced a time when the light is so incredible that you have to take a picture to show everyone just how amazing is was. When you race back to your computer to download the images you are left with a slightly underwhelming emotion. The image simply doesn’t capture the light detail and beauty that you remember.

I’m sure there’s a long scientific explanation about how the eye and the brain work together to take a series of images and assemble them with all the detail in your mind but a simple click of the shutter can’t do that…yet.

My Twilight images are created by using a similar process. Just before sunset I will setup my camera on a tripod and leave it there for up to 2 hours. All the while I am shooting dozens of frames to capture the changing light. I will also walk around and “paint” the scene with a flash. This process continues until it’s completely dark so I can expose for and capture the interior details of the home. When this is all done I will select the 40, 50 or 60 best images from the 200+ that were taken. I load all of these images into Photoshop so I can mask, blend, brush, nudge and tweak the best pixels from each frame. The resulting image, if done correctly, looks just like your mind remembers the scene with the amazing light. This is a very time consuming process but you simply cannot get these results any other way.

Below are some examples of the before and after shots. The before image is what a typical camera will capture with one frame. The after shot contains the best light from many different frames.