Hans Klett – Architectural photographer

I grew up on the Big Island and first picked up a camera while going to school in the beautiful town of Waimea. I borrowed my dad’s Nikon F3 and never looked back. I spent every chance I could shooting and developing my own film in the school’s dark room. I still miss the smell of the developing chemicals but today it’s all digital.

   After graduation I was fortunate enough to attend college in Colorado. I continued to use my camera and take elective classes to build on my foundation. From there it was off to Atlanta to pursue a master’s degree in IT which lead to a position as the IT Officer on board cruise ships for the world’s best cruise line.

   I continued to shoot images while visiting over 100 countries in 4 years. During this time I met and fell in love with my Zimbabwean wife who also worked on board. We signed off the ship for the last time in 2004 and spent 4 months road-tripping around southern Africa visiting, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Malawi and Botswana.

   We then flew to Hawaii without much of a plan for the future but after a couple of weeks of touring this amazing island we felt the call of reality and had to return to the working world soon. All along I had planned on asking her to marry me but was waiting for the right time to ask. Everything came together on a magical day at a secluded beach. The answer was the one I was hoping for and we set out to begin our lives together on this beautiful island.

Photo credit: John J. Cook Photography

The rugged beauty of the Big Island offers endless opportunities to capture amazing images. When I’m not shooting homes I’m usually exploring this amazing island with my camera.

Why you will like me

I have photographed over $500,000,000 worth of residential real estate.

From 1 bedroom vacation rental condos to ultra-luxury oceanfront estates, I bring the same level of care and attention to detail to every job.

  • Hiring Hans to photograph my vacation rental was critical to my success. The images jump off the page and have directly resulted in an increase in bookings. Hans is quick, professional, reliable and a pleasure to work with. I cannot recommend a better photographer.

    Christina K.
  • The best part about working with Hans is that he’s quick, really good and doesn’t have all these crazy licensing restrictions for his images. Easiest photographer you will ever hire.

    Cindy S.
  • Images are worth more than a thousand words and Hans’ twilight images really capture the beauty of a home.

    Sarah M.
  • Hans has an obvious love for the art of photography and it really comes through with his work.

    Mike N.